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Choose Kuhn’s Floor Sanding & Finishing LLC for our stunning floor restoration for Uniontown, PA, and Connellsville, PA. Hardwood floors start to look increasingly dilapidated over time due to heavy foot traffic, furniture, pets, and other causes. Sanding and finishing your hardwood floors extends their life, and repairs damages, such as scratches and discoloration.

Contact Kuhn’s Floor Sanding & Finishing LLC at (724) 228-1561 for high-quality floor hardwood floor restoration with sanding and finishing.

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Prolong the life of the gorgeous hardwood floors in your home or business. Trust the first-class sanding & finishing services from Kuhn’s Floor Sanding & Finishing LLC. Whether it is an existing floor or new floors, or an outdoor deck or a staircase, we have you covered.

Our craftsmen will sand and finish your hardwood floors to make them look good as new. You can trust us to achieve the result you want.

We Provide Hardwood Floor Restoration for Uniontown, PA

Homeowners and business owners in Uniontown, PA, prefer Kuhn’s Floor Sanding & Finishing LLC for their hardwood floor restoration needs. Our restoration process can rebuild extensively damaged and worn-out hardwood floors of all types. The types of damage our specialists can handle include separated floorboards, discolored hardwood, and deep scratches.

We use the latest technology and techniques to return the initial gloss to your old and shabby hardwood. Once we are done working on your floors, their original gleam and color will shine through as brilliantly as they did the first time you installed them.

Serving the Homes and Businesses of Connellsville, PA, Since 1950

Over time, the age of hardwood floors begins to show due to heavy foot traffic and exposure to the elements. As a result, the floor becomes increasingly discolored. Furthermore, furniture and pets often cause deep gouges and scratches on the floor. Sanding and finishing can effectively repair these damages, and reinstate the color of the hardwood. Since 1950, we have been the go-to floor restoration service for homeowners and business owners in Connellsville, PA.

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for Uniontown, PA, and Connellsville, PA.