Floor Restoration in Pleasant Hills, PA, and Forest Hills, PA

Kuhn’s Sanding & Finishing LLC Provides Stunning Floor Restoration

Choose the experts at Kuhn’s Sanding & Finishing LLC for floor restoration for Pleasant Hills, PA and Forest Hills, PA. Hardwood floors lose their luster after years of wear and damage. Commercial floors are especially susceptible because they withstand a lot of foot traffic.

Hardwood floor restoration returns the splendor of your hardwood floor, and extends its life by protecting it from damage.

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Our Floor Sanding and Finishing
Returns Your Floor’s Luster

Floor sanding and finishing removes moderate and severe gouges and scratches in hardwood floors. It restores your worn-out hardwood floor’s luster. Our craftsmen help you identify a finish that protects your hardwood floors from moisture, dirt and damage. Our services help with maintaining the sheen and color of the floor. We finish the floor with a stain or sealer and a few layers of surface finish or topcoat.

We Make Pleasant Hills, PA, Commercial Floors Shine Again

Kuhn’s Floor Sanding & Finishing LLC has provided high-quality commercial floor restoration in the Pleasant Hills, PA, area since 1950. Our stellar reputation and outstanding customer service set us apart from other commercial floor restoration companies. Our craftsmen are approachable and friendly, and they are happy to answer all your questions. At Kuhn’s Floor Sanding & Finishing LLC, making your floors look beautiful again is our life’s work.

Forest Hills, PA, Clients Need Our Floor Restoration

We restore hardwood floors that have fallen into disrepair. Our commercial floor restoration craftsmen also provide scheduled maintenance to minimize wear and tear, and keep your floor looking great. We apply a sealer to protect your floor, and extend its life by preventing various forms of damage. Quality commercial floor restoration also creates a safe environment for your customers.

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for Pleasant Hills, PA, and Forest Hills, PA.